Purpose of internship

An internship (15 EC) is a small research project which contributes to the research of the supervising group. The internship is an orientation within the area of electrical engineering. The internship is also the ideal opportunity for an international and/or industrial experience. An internship of 15 EC takes 420 hours. You choose an internship within one of the nine research groups of Electrical Engineering. It is encouraged to do the internship in another research group as you have chosen for your specialization. Note that the internship project should differ from the graduation project.

An internship is supervised by a staff member of the department of Electrical Engineering. It may be carried out within the department (internal), outside it (external), or as a combination. For a (partially) external internship, an external supervisor is also needed for daily supervision. The EE staff member, however, remains formally responsible for the internship. You can extend the internship with an additional 5 EC from your electives, resulting in 140 hours additional time.

For the internship, specific Examination Regulations rules apply. To make sure all prerequisites are fulfilled, you need to fill out an internship contract before you start the internship. The internship contract should be filled in and signed together with your internship supervisor and handed in at the Center for Student Administration (CSA) EE, Flux 0.125.

It is not necessary to register for an internship or the internship extension through OSIRIS. The Center for Student Administration EE will register you after the internship contract is handed in.

For non-EU/EEA-students doing an external internship in the Netherlands, an additional internship agreement (the NUFFIC Training Agreement) is mandatory. This training agreement can be downloaded from the NUFFIC site. Dutch law requires that copies of the agreement are kept by both the internship provider and TU/e. You can find more information at the Study In Holland-website. The training agreement should be signed by Mrs. Jolie van Wevelingen, managing director of the departments of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics. Please, hand in a printed version of the training agreement to Mrs. Monique Hunck, Flux 0.158. The signed agreement will be ready for you the next day.

HBO-graduates who follow the master program of Electrical Engineering for HBO-graduates do a shorter internship of 10 EC. HBO-graduates have to do the internship internally within the research group; they are not allowed to go outside the faculty or abroad. Furthermore, HBO-graduates are not allowed to extend the internship.

Finding an internship

To find an appropriate internship, check the Master Market Place, an online platform where you can browse through available internship projects of our research groups, or address one of our staff members, e.g. from the table below, and discuss with him or her what you would like to do, where and when. The better you know your preferences, the more likely it is that one of our staff may be able to find the right project for you. Check the group’s website (click the group name in the table below) to find out about the research activities you can take part in with your internship. If you try to find an internship in a specific company, ask the company for existing research contacts with the EE department and contact these. If you wish to go to a specific country, contact the international office EE.

An internship is supervised by any EE assistant professor, associate or full professor, or anyone explicitly appointed by the EC.

Finalizing the internship

After the internship is finished, it is mandatory to hand in an internship report and give a presentation on your topic. Specific details about this report and presentation are determined in the internship contract. The Professional Skills academic writing and presenting scientific information are integrated in the internship assessment. In case of insufficient results extra training by means of SkillsLab workshops or trainings on Academic Writing and/or Presenting can be advised.

Internship staff contacts





W.H.A. Hendrix

FLX 5.135


J. Hakkens

FLX 9.093 


H.P. Nguyen

FLX 2.078


S. Kuijlaars

FLX 9.068


T. Swanink

FLX 2.110


M. de Mol

FLX 4.131


M. v.d. Heuvel

FLX 7.097


J. Levering

FLX 9.068


T.J. Tjalkens

FLX 7.101


M. Mischi

FLX 7.074


P.H.N. de With

FLX 5.092