Frequently asked questions

On this page an overview of frequently asked questions can be found. If you have other questions or the answers on this page are not sufficient, please reach out to us using the contact information on the right of this page.

What if I have another course in the same time slot of ISBEP?

  • It is not possible to combine ISBEP with another course in the same timeslot. There are activities and workshops planned to guide you in the process. Also, ISBEP is focusing on team-work, therefore you need the scheduled time to meet and collaborate.
  • ISBEP is planned in timeslot D meaning that the coach activities and workshops are scheduled on Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning.

How do I register for ISBEP?

  • It is possible to register on Osiris. Up to date registration deadlines and the course code can be found on this page. Using the ISBEP05 course code you are registered for the 5ECTS ISBEP, you can use this course code in your PlanApp for your elective space. 
  • Don’t forget to check if the challenge is allowed for your major. The major indicated on the challenges page is leading.
  • When registering, you have to indicate your challenge preference in Osiris. After that you will be placed on a waiting list. Behind the names of many of the challenges, you will see that they are “Vol/Full.” This does not mean you cannot choose that challenge anymore; it is just how the system registers the preferences (so do not worry about that). 

Do I really have to choose 3 challenge options?

  • We ask you to indicate 3 preferences, so we can make an optimum allocation. The current challenges can be found on this page
  • For indicating your preferences, you have to register timely in Osiris.

Where can I find information about the challenges?

  • On the challenges page you can find more information about the current challenges. For each challenge there is a short description and a link to the long description. 

What if I register for ISBEP but I change my mind? Could I still change for the regular BEP?

  • When you register in Osiris, we expect you to join ISBEP.

How does the timeline in ISBEP relate to the one in my department? Can I graduate timely?

  • The final presentations take place two weeks before the regular exam weeks so you will have likely, enough time to graduate at your deparment.

How are the extra 5 ECTS evaluated? What kind of deliverables are there?

  • The assessment of ISBEP05 focuses on growth throughout the semester, on our selected learning objectives.
  • You will self-assess a number of times, receive validations of these assessments by the process coach, and receive a final assessment at the end of the project.
  • If you comply with our expectations of growth, and if you score sufficient on the ISBEP Rubrics, you will receive a pass.