Legal aspects and IP

The legal framework is fundamental for each entrepreneur to define a go vs. no-go perspective for your business. Beyond that, you need to be well-informed on property rights and patent law aspects, as they will become strategic for your business. 

Bachelor - Introductory courses

0ZK00 Intellectual property rights for new ventures – 5 ECTS – Q1

This course is an introduction to intellectual property rights, e.g. patent law and, to a lesser extent, to copyright law and design rights law as legal areas of prime importance to technological development. Trade secret protection is of course part of the course.
The legal regimes involved in intellectual property law will be set out, followed by an introduction to the formal procedures to be followed when protection of intellectual property is sought. Particular attention will be paid to know-how as an essential asset in the knowledge economy and in the context of the individual firm: what is know-how, and can it be protected from falling into the hands of competitors? Is it desirable, from a societal and economic point of view, that technological knowledge is monopolized through IPRs?

Bachelor - Advanced courses

DAB200 Design innovation methods – 5 ECTS – Q3

In this course, we apply design thinking as a framework to introduce specific innovation methods. This methods are widely adopted in the domain of business design, service and strategy design. In this course we want to refresh your skills and methods learned in the past years and expect you to integrate them with the new methods taught in this course. With your peers, we expect you to team up as a design consultant who could understand the company from reading the case study and propose a new product or business concept for them. 


0EM160 Innovation and intellectual property rights – 5 ECTS – Q2

Through this course, students will acquire an advanced understanding of what intellectual property rights (IPR) are and the rules that govern these rights. They will understand the use of IPRs as a strategic business tool and be able to reflect on the current policy debate on the social and welfare implications of different IPRs regimes. Lastly, they will be able investigate related questions using patent data.


Advanced Intellectual Property – Guided online workshop

Intellectual property is an exciting field in which the multidisciplinary fields of science, law and international commercial interests meet. This results in a strategic methodology to promote successful innovation and to deliver commercial products for use in society. This workshop is aimed at researchers with a commercial orientation and who want to understand IP in the context of research. IP can attract investors and may serve as a basis for a start-up.