Managing risk and uncertainty

You can’t avoid it, but you can learn how to manage risky decisions and deal with uncertainty. These are aspects that each entrepreneur has to deal with. Several hands-on approaches are developed to increase your resilience in the process.

Bachelor - Introductory courses

0LEUA0 Decisions under risk and uncertainty – 5 ECTS – Q1

USE learning line Decisions under risk & uncertainty

From financial ventures, to advancements in medicine, to global warming, to information security, concepts of risk are ubiquitous - how should we understand these concepts? In this course, looking at cases of novel techno-scientific developments, we explain and apply concepts of reliable scientific evidence, risk, trust, and security. The emphasis is on developing scientifically well-grounded arguments and management strategies and exploring different perspectives on the topic.

Bachelor - Deepening courses

0LSUA0 Analysis and control of risk – 5 ECTS – Q2

USE learning line Decisions under risk & uncertainty

The first half of this course presents a comprehensive framework for risk analysis, looking at how scientific and technical approaches to risk assessment and safety engineering relate to ethical and policy questions about risk, and how risk perception can complicate risk management. The second half presents several important methods of identifying and analysing the risks associated with technical systems, such as FMEA, fault-tree analysis and human reliability assessment.


1ZM150 Innovation Space Project: innovation and entrepreneurship processes – 10 ECTS – Q1,2,3,4 

This course aims toward challenge-based, project-based learning in interdisciplinary student teams, working on open-ended assignments in close interaction with high-tech companies and societal organizations. It combines the design and engineering of a product/service/system and new business development. 

1ZM20 Technology entrepreneurship – 5 ECTS – Q2 

The aim of this course is to develop awareness, understanding and application of flexible and adaptive decision-making approaches along with more familiar prediction and planning-based methods for decision making in the face of uncertainty in new business development based on new technology. 

1CM22 Financial management – 5 ECTS – Q1 

Students will be able to understand the interplay between risk, return and firm value. Students will be able to apply various methods of financial analysis and valuation techniques. Students will be able to evaluate how funds should be spent (correct investment decisions). Students will be able to analyze financial risks and identify the right mitigation actions.