Entrepreneurial identity

Formation of entrepreneurial identity helps you to create a set of attitudes, beliefs, and attributes enabling to use your skills for ensuring that decision-making processes are oriented towards innovative solutions. 

Bachelor - Introductory courses

DPB380 Professional identity and vision – 5 ECTS – Q1, 3

Industrial Design students

The Professional Identity and Vision learning line runs throughout the bachelor and supports students to become self-directed professionals. DPB380 serves as an assessment module for all of the professional identity and vision learning points, learned throughout the five previous semesters.

Bachelor - Deepening courses

1JK10 Leadership development and self-management in organizations – 5 ECTS – Q4

Success typically has a name: Branson, Jobs, Zuckerman. But leaders come in many shapes and sizes, and are found in all layers of organizations. Leading yourself and others is the foundation for setting and achieving valuable organizational goals. In this course, we will reflect upon what this means for you as a future employee or entrepreneur operating in a world of growing global competition, rising customer expectations, and an increasingly diverse workforce. Prepare to be(come) a leader!


1ZM20 Technology entrepreneurship – 5 ECTS – Q2 

The aim of this course is to develop awareness, understanding and application of flexible and adaptive decision-making approaches along with more familiar prediction and planning-based methods for decision making in the face of uncertainty in new business development based on new technology. 

DAM180 Design entrepreneurship – 5 ECTS – Q3

This eight-week course will be facilitated by the Systemic Change group. During this learning activity you will explore how you can act as a design entrepreneur, from both a startup or a corporate perspective, when designing for a complex societal challenge. You will experience the integration of different perspectives of stakeholders, business, and user through iterative business design process. You will learn the important quality of being a design entrepreneur through a continues reflection on your own growth.