Student wellbeing

On this page you can find an overview of resources and inspiration related to various health and well-being topics. For each topic, the sources range from websites to books, podcasts, apps and more.

Next to that:

  • For support within TU/e, the Education and Student Affairs (ESA) offers individual coaching to students at the TU/e that is free of charge. The student advisors and student psychologists of ESA offer a short-term and solution-based approach. Check for more info and contact the Advisors and Tutors page, the flowchart student guidance for bachelor’s students and the flowchart student guidance for master’s students.
  • Also you can check the TU/e wellbeing page for students here. On this page you can find amongst others information about wellbeing courses, guidance on where to get support if needed and the Activitree app for finding likeminded people. 
  • Besides that there is a wellbeing course platform for TU/e students with various courses related to your wellbeing. You can find that platform here

Coronavirus (COVID19)

World Health Organization (WHO): Mental Health and Psychosocial Considerations During COVID-19 Outbreak Link
David Bernstein, professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience of Maastricht University, gave a webinar on staying mentally healthy in times of  the coronavirus. Link
Guide to living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty Link
VIDEO: How to respond effectively to the Corona crisis Link

Stress & Resilience, Low mood, Mindfulness

Free online courses covering low mood, stress and resiliency Link
Online courses to improve your well being Link
Videos on how to live a meaningful life Link
Make mistakes and learn from failure / Video Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mindset Link
How other students cope with not feeling okay Link
A guide on self-worth, shame and wholehearted living Link
How to overcome stress and improve mindfulness Link
Mood Tracker App Link
Podcast on stress reduction Link
Mindfulness Meditation App Link
Stress relief podcast Link
Stress Management App Link
PODCAST: Yale professor Dr Laurie Santos helps you deal with mental health issues, especially anxiety, stress and depression Link
Brene Brown’s TED Talk on vulnerability and self-awareness Link
Dr Padesky’s “Managing Your Moods” podcast Link
Podcast on the symptoms of depression and mindfulness as a solution Link
Acceptance and commitment therapy by Russ Harris Link
TedTalk on taking 10 minutes for mindfulness Link

Anxiety & Fears

VIDEO: The Struggle Switch – how to manage anxiety Link
VIDEO: Avoid negative automatic thoughts Link
VIDEO: Coping with anxiety Link
PODCAST: Support with anxiety, stress and panic attacks Link
PODCAST: Anxiety management Link
PODCAST: Yale professor Dr Laurie Santos helps you deal with mental health issues, especially anxiety, stress and depression Link

Highly sensitive & highly gifted

PODCAST: HSP management Link
PODCAST: HSP experiences and management Link
PODCAST: HSP coach Link
PODCAST: Health and wellness tips Link

Self-image & Identity

Young people talking about their experiences Link
For all questions on gender identity Link
More on self-compassion Link
Lgtb organisation for youth & students Link
PODCAST: improve self-image Link
PODCAST: self-worth TedTalk playlist Link

Perfectionism & Worrying

Training exercises for perfectionism Link
The Perfection Detox (TedTalk) Link
Automatic thoughts Link
Exercises for worrying Link
PODCAST: overcoming perfectionism Link

Relationships & Family

PODCAST: How to handle difficult relationships and heal broken ones Link
PODCAST: Normalising the conversation on grief and bereavement Link

Eating Problems & Addiction

70 Resources to support eating disorder recovery Link
Online support community for gaming addicts Link
PODCAST: Tips for better wellbeing and managing disordered eating Link

AD(H)D & Autism

Tips for university students living with autism Link
Tips for college students with ADHD Link


Inspirational ideas from all spheres of life Link
Celebrate leadership and improve each other’s lives Link
The key to success Link
Why being an introvert is not a bad thing Link
Understand the power of perspective Link
Supportive Resources on Student Welfare page of Oxford University Link

TINT Eindhoven (TU/e)

PODCAST: Tools for life Link
Mindfulness sessions Link
Life coaching sessions Link