In the scheme under downloads, you can find an overview of programs which grant access to the standard pre-master program for the programs Innovation Management (IM) en Operations Management & Logistics (OML).

In addition, students with a different preparatory education can be admitted to the standard pre-master, or adjusted pre-master by means of the Departmental Admissions Committee (IE&IS-DAC). In the Flow Matrix (Dutch), you can find the 3TU flow matrix with an overview of bachelor programs (offered by universities) which grant access to different master’s programs by means of a deficiency program.

Additionally, you must meet the requirements for Mathematics and English. All admitted students must have the prior knowledge of mathematics B (HL), or be able to independently obtain that level. This prior knowledge is for example needed for the course 2WBB0 Calculus, Variant 2. In addition, a certificate of your level of English is requested, which must be at a minimum of VWO (in Dutch).

In case you have any further questions regarding admisstion, please contact our academic advisor.

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