Schakelprogramma Electrical Engineering 2017-2018

Since 1985 the faculty of Electrical Engineering offers a standard program for HBO-graduates, which is a subset from the common engineering program.

The program for HBO-graduates is divided into a pre-master programof 30 EC, and a subsequent 120-EC master program which is tailored to the preceding HBO Bachelor Electrical Engineering. Students with a HBO-bachelor degree who want to do a master in Electrical Engineering first have to complete the premaster program to bridge the gap in theoretical knowledge between HBO and university. Only when they have completed the premaster program, they are allowed to start the master program. In the master program, three extra deficiency resolving Bachelor courses are offered in the homologation part..

The total program of the Masters EE for HBO-students consists of the following elements:

The study load of the program is 150 EC, divided into a pre-master program of 30 EC and a master program of 120 EC.

Master program

The premaster program of 30 EC has to be completed within the first year (max. two semesters), otherwise the student is not allowed to continue with the master program for HBO-graduates. Furthermore, the student is not allowed in the premaster program for the next three years. As soon as the premaster program is successfully completed, the student is admitted to the master and can continue the master program for HBO-graduates.

The master part of the program for HBO-graduates contains the same parts as the master program for Electrical Engineering for EE-bachelor students except that HBO-graduates do an internship for 10 EC (instead of 15 EC), 20 EC of electives (instead of 30 EC) and three deficiency resolving courses as part of the homologation in the master (15 EC).