Pre-Master's program Mechanical Engineering

If you have a specific Higher Vocational Diploma (HBO Bachelor’s degree) in engineering, you have to complete a Mechanical Engineering deficiency program in order to bridge the gap in theoretical knowledge and skills between HBO and university. This Mechanical Engineering pre-master’s program is currently only available for Dutch speaking students.  

Pre-master’s program

In the download menu you find an overview of the standard* pre-master’s program Mechanical Engineering for the academic year 2017-2018.

The standard program consists of 30 EC courses, divided into three parts:

1. Courses in the fields of mathematics (10 EC)

2. Disciplinary courses Mechanical Engineering (20 EC)

3. Trainings (conditional)  

As part of the course program, you have to choose one of the elective courses offered in quartile 3 and 4.

* Individual pre-Master’s programs may be composed for pre-Master’s students with a university background. If you think an individual program applies to your situation, please send an e-mail to the departmental admissions committee for more information.

Master’s program

You are admitted to the master’s program Mechanical Engineering only after you have successfully completed the study components of the corresponding pre-master’s program.

More information

More information about pre-Master’s program in general can be found here.