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If you are taking an exam at this moment and you're experiencing technical problems, please contact IMS (040-247 8888) for help or use the Proctorio chat function. The form below is meant to report problems after the exam.

Did your exam not go as planned due to technical problems (such as an error in the exam or a power failure) or unexpected events (such as not being able to scan your campus card properly or stepping out of the camera for a moment)? In that case you can use the form below to report this to the examination committee responsible for the course. It is important you make this report within 24 hours after your exam.

Some events during the exam, room or ID scan do not have to be reported, for example:

  • a sound in the room / your surrounding (air conditioning, kids playing outside, street workers);
  • someone who walked into your room and to whom you did NOT speak about anything regarding the exam.

Please bear in mind that there is always a human being checking the footage of Proctorio. You don't have to worry about 'fraud' if what you did has nothing to do with fraud. For example, if your dog walks in and you say 'go away', that will not be alerted as fraud. Please use your common sense before submitting a report. If you don't receive a response, you may assume that everything is okay.

Please note that you don't receive an immediate reaction when submitting this webform, because we have to check the footage first and examination committees need time to take a decision. If it is necessary that you receive a response (depends on your report), please keep in mind this may take up to an average of 2 weeks.

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