Doing an Honors Track means a workload of about 10 hours per week. So are you prepared to go all the way and do what it takes, no matter what? Do you have the drive to propel yourself, also when the going gets tough? And do you have an open mind and are you eager to learn?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ you need to apply for a position at the Honors Track of your choice, please note that you can only apply to one track and the Honors Academy aims for the top 100 students
Application is open to students who have received an invitation from the Director of the Honors Academy. If you have not received this letter but feel you qualify for honors work, please apply for a position, too.

The application process consists of two parts: a motivation letter and an application interview. If you complete both successfully you have acquired a conditional position. This will become final if the check in September shows that you have obtained the full 60 credits for your propedeuse.