Information session - general and per track

Information session per track

The track information sessions will take place between March 21 - 31, 2023. Check this table for date and location of the track sessions.

Track Date


Artificial Intelligence

March 28, 14:00-15:00h MetaForum 15

Competitive programming and problem solving

March 23, 13:30-17:00h Neuron -1.354

Empowerment for Health & Wellbeing

March 29, 10:00-12:30h

Atlas 4.224

Energy Transition March 24, 12:30-13:30h Matrix 1.340
High Tech Systems March 28, 12:35-13:25h Atlas 8.310


Networked Society March 27, 12:45-13:15h

Ceres 1.26

Nuclear Fusion Power for the Netherlands (new 2023-2024) March 22, 12:30-13:30h MetaForum 5
Radio Astronomy (new 2023-2024) April 4, 12:35-13:25h Atlas -1.825

SensUs Organization

March 23, 12:40-13:20h

March 28, 12:40-13:20h


Matrix 1.340

Matrix 1.340

Smart Cities March 27, 12:40-13:20h

Vertigo 2.06

Smart Mobility March 23, 12:35-13:30h Matrix 1.116

Honors Prospective Students Event (April 26)

On April 26, 18:00-20:00h, there will be an event organized by Confluente. During this event students that are interested in the Honors Academy can come and join this event. There will be drinks and food (including diner).

Check our social media channels for more information: 

  • LinkedIn: TU/e Honors Academy 
  • Instagram: tue_honorsacademy

Check Your Match event (May 9 + 10)

This is the ideal opportunity to ask all your questions concerning the Honors Academy and the different tracks! Meet and greet students from different tracks.

Time: 12:30 - 13:30 hrs Location: hall Atlas

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