Motivation letter

Mail your motivation letter to the Track of your choice, see contact information on the track page. Please note that you can only apply to one track.

In this motivation letter you explain why you pursue a career at the Honors Academy and provide evidence of what makes you a suitable candidate. You also need to underpin why you have chosen a particular track, what you want to accomplish and what you bring in. Finally, you need to include your initial ideas about the kind of topic or theme you would like to explore and address in your project, and what kind of activities you would like to do in or next to your project.

In your motivation letter you also need to include some factual, practical information:

  • “application for Honors Track xxx” in the subject of the mail
  • your name
  • the major you are doing
  • your telephone number (e.g. in case your interview needs to be 

Include your motivation letter as an attachment to your mail and send it to the Track of your choice.