Successful Completion

The honors work consists of two phases of 15 credits each. After the first phase you are assessed on the progress you have made so far, and on the quality of your work and output. This is also a second moment of (self) selection. You can decide not to go on with the second phase of the honors program or to do this second phase in a different Track. Your assessors, too, may decide that you cannot enter the second phase. If you only complete the first phase successfully you will get a certificate and 15 additional credits.

The second phase of the honors work is also concluded with an end-of-year assessment, which will address your development and the quality of the work you have delivered. Successful completion of both the first and the second phase of the honors program will be mentioned on your Bachelor Degree Certificate at your own department. In addition, you will receive a letter of recommendation, handed out by the Inez Lopez Arteaga, Dean of the TU/e Honors Academy.

The successful completion of both honors phases and the letter of recommendation may give you a head start when you apply for a scholarship or for a position at a prestigious Master program in the Netherlands or abroad.