Energy Transition

Be part of the Energy Transition for your future…and Join the Energy Transition Lab

The world population is growing and wealth in certain countries is increasing. As conventional energy resources are becoming scarce and energy demand is growing, the need to switch to more efficient use of resources and more radical changes to use sustainable energy resources is becoming more and more urgent.

At the SAE we explore a broad spectrum of promising technologies, looking at both short and long term solutions   

We offer students of this track the opportunity to contribute to the solutions needed to realize the energy transition as part of the Energy Transition Lab. The Energy Transition Lab is an overarching laboratory of the SAE in which education, (student) projects and external parties are united with the objective to interact, interrelate, innovate and contribute in a more productive and sustainable way to the Energy Transition. 

Program and content

Your team of 5-7 students will be assigned an energy related challenge in which innovation should lead to an interesting and potentially successful solution. Your client can be a company, municipality, the university, an industry, cooperation or other structure. As a group you can also propose another topic based on convincing arguments.

You are expected to learn how to analyze the presented case well and develop a critical view. You will need to obtain sufficient background to discuss and research your topic and arrive at innovative solutions. We will also challenge you to take your case as an example and place it in the broader context of the region, our country, Europe and the global economy. Also with this wider perspective you should to be able to develop your opinion, discuss, report and present your findings and results.

The output of your group can be a design, as well a business oriented plan, prototype or concept. Your focus mostly depends on the preference of your client and your group (in coordination with the SAE).

Examples of projects which our students have been and are working on and in which they were and are confronted with the complexity of the Transition are:

Cloud Energy; researching the possibility to “withdraw” electrostatic energy from clouds before it is released through lightning.

Blue Energy; researching and testing whether a (small) boat will be able to sail on the energy produced by making use of the difference in chemical potential between salt and fresh water. 

 Max Aerts: 'The best aspect about the track was the freedom of doing a project of your own interests. This helped us to develop ourselves in the areas in which we wanted to develop.' Read more.