Master students

Honors Master Program

The Graduate School has developed an exciting honors program for curious, talented and open-mindend Masterstudents. This program is open for all master’s students who are interested in exploring and developing personal leadership skills, to deepen your understanding of how you can make most of your talents, create value for yourself and others and what skills you need to apply for those talents successfully in practice.

You can opt for a focus on ‘leadership in science’, ‘leadership in society’ or ‘leadership in industry’. Within this focus you can put a personal emphasis, for example on research, design, entrepreneurship, teaching, management or a combination that you prefer. Regardless of your chosen focus and emphasis this program will give you the opportunity to:

  • define, explore and achieve your own exciting and ambitious goals (personal leadership)
  • build your own program, suited to your own interests and needs
  • develop your personal and professional awareness and leadership skills
  • learn from and together with fellow students from all scientific disciplines
  • focus on and gain experience in real life organizations and projects
  • give yourself a head start for your future career and job opportunities

Honors Master Program in steps

Below and in downloads, you find an infographic with all steps in the Honors Master Program.

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