Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership

In this phase of the Honors Master Progam you gain knowledge and experience with personal leadership (5 credits). Activities such as the ‘Personal Leadership Experience’ program and additional workshops are offered to develop your personal leadership skills. This will help you define and shape your professional and personal leadership development for the second part, as laid down in your Personal Development Plan (PDP). In this PDP you specify ‘what’ you want to achieve as well as ‘how’: what kind of activities and what context do you need in order to develop yourself in practice, professionally as well as in terms of personal leadership?

About the course

This phase of the Honors Master Program, The Personal Leadership Experience, is unlike any other course that you do at university; it’s a highly personal, practical and engaging course that will give you profound insight and experience in your own Personal Leadership (5 credits):

  • Who you are and what truly matters to you
  • What you’re really good at and how you can make most of your full potential
  • What value you can create with fun and ease, in your authentic way.

And best of all, you will start doing this right from the start!

During the 8 inspiring and personal group meetings (see table below) you learn various leadership skills using exercises from Harvard, MIT and professional leadership development programs. These skills will benefit not only your professional development but also your personal wellbeing, self-awareness, and confidence. 

This Experience is not only an amazing step in the direction of a fulfilling and meaningful career for yourself but you will also learn how to create value for others, how to inspire, how to communicate professionally, learn about networking, time management, and keeping a work-life balance while being your best; so how you can create the life that is meaningful to you and others.

This is the best course that I had in university because it helped me to base my decisions, in everything that I do, on love instead of fear” – Boris Zwaan, Honors Master Alumnus

The experience and skills that you gain during the Personal Leadership Experience help you to define and shape the second part of the Honors Master Program; a professional development project of your choice. In this project you can focus on learning what it is that you are interested in; whether that is inside or outside of your field of study. You’re the leader of your own life and in the Honors Master Program you are fully supported to shape it the way that you like it!

Please note that this part of the Honors Program is compulsory, meaning that you have to attend all PLE meetings.

PLE sessions overview



Skills/ results

Session 1: Live your life joyfully

- What is Personal leadership?

- What makes me shine?

- Reflection

- Self-awareness

Session 2: Steering towards joy

- Focus on what you really want

- Prioritizing

- Decision making

Session 3: Dancing in the rain

- Navigating the highs and lows of life.

- Dealing with emotions: the power of thought.

- Peace of mind

- Personal courage

Session 4: You’ve got talent!

- What are your talents?
- How to use these to live joyfully

- Self-awareness

- Talent-development

Session 5: Self-care

- How to be healthy & energized?

- Being vs Doing

- Work-life balance

- Energy management

Session 6: Your inner navigation

- Using your intuition & gut feeling
- Applying your inner knowing

- Presence

- Authentic decision making

Session 7: Let’s shine together

- Dare to ask

- Dare to connect & share your potential

- Asking for help

- Collaboration & win-win

Session 8: Celebrate!

- Share your lessons learned & next steps


- 1% rule

- Inspire