Professional development

This second component of the honors program enables you to define your own program for professional development. Depending on what you would like to achieve, this may consist of challenging activities that broaden your horizon, (external) internships, (external) projects etc. You are encouraged to look for a context in which you can accomplish your personal leadership and other professional goals that you have set in your PDP (Personal Development Plan). These honors activities have an overall size of at least 15 credits. You can take various routes:

  • a route you design for yourself
  • an (existing) departmental honors program, or
  • a health-related project within Strategic Area Health
  • a program that may provide a smooth transition from a Master’s program to a PhD or PDEng program

Some examples of professional development

Example 1
An Applied Physics student is keen to continue as a PhD after her master. She wants to work in an international top-of-the-bill lab for 3 months (15 ECTS) and hopes to be able to present a paper at an international conference.

Example 2
An Electrical Engineering student has an idea for a new application and wants to analyze its prospects. Together with the Innovation Lab the student will explore the various options, write a first business plan (10 ECTS) and dive into Intellectual Property at the University of Tilburg (5 ECTS).

Example 3
A Mechanical Engineering student has a strong interest in materials. He wants to participate in a summer school (5 ECTS) and do an internship at a Dutch company (10 ECTS).