Existing projects

Health-related projects

Health is an important theme at the TU/e. The Strategic Area Health has several interesting projects in the Health domain.
Potential topics for Honors students:

  • Develop a proposal for the TU/e which activities should be started in the domain of Food for Health (should Food become a part of Health and, if so, how?)
  • In the Research project with Philips a lot of development is ongoing on image recognition for monitoring of sleep and monitoring of exercise. To what extent could these or similar technologies also be applied to monitoring disabled people in ‘Het Dorp’ (The Village), so inhabitants can live safely on their own?
  • Dementia, how to improve life by technology and design
  • Computer aided diagnosis and prognosis
  • We want to set up a Team Health, like Team Energy that is a basis for organizing various health related events in our community with and without external partners.

For more information you can contact Carmen van Vilsteren, Director of the Strategic Area Health, health@tue.nl

Urban Air Quality Challenge

Engage in solving a world-wide problem in a brand new and unique educational & experiential project!

TIES: Technology, Innovation, Experience, Shift skills
5 Es: Entice: make a real impact in the world
         Enter: Analyze problem in societal, economic, technological and anthropological contect
         Engage: experience air pollution impact on people's lives
         Exit: Innovative solutions with long-term impact
         Expand: boost your skills and build a worldwide network

Learning process
Challenge yourself in a multi-disciplinary team
Deal with a world-wide problem
Find and implement a solution for a case study city
Visit two cities with your team
Learn from top researchers and entrepreneurs via online and face-to-face lectures

Interested to apply or do you want more information? Contact Prof. Bert Blocken (b.j.e.blocken@tue.nl)