Teacher coach

The teacher coach is a staff-member who supports and challenges your professional identity and vision development and helps you to (learn to) reflect on where you are in your competence and professional skills development, where you want to go and how to get there. Teacher coaching is provided in the second and third year.

In short, a teacher coach helps you to:

As a new B2 / PM student your teacher coach is the same as your project coach. Other students (with the exception of B1) have the same teacher coach as previous semester.

Teacher coach meetings

Students have to individually regulate their professional identity, vision and overall competence of designing throughout the whole bachelor program. Teacher coaches monitor where students are, want to go and provide verbal feedback during meetings, which students have to summarize and use as input for follow-up meetings. Students should pro-actively look for information and should not expect that their teacher coach has insight in all development possibilities.

We would like you to come well prepared to the meetings, not to expect to receive written feedback on documents before or after the meeting and not to discuss practicalities with your teacher coach. You are responsible for organizing the sessions. Finally, the policy is to organize group meetings when possible and individual sessions when deemed necessary by your coach.

General meeting set-up:

  • Look back to content of electives/basic courses/core courses
  • Content of the digital Professional Identity and Vision modules (mandatory for first and second year students)
  • Looking forward (to explore) choosing electives/basic courses/core courses etc.
  • General learning progression (personal/academic/professional)

Blended learning line

To support your preparation for the coach meetings, we offer a blended learning line on “Professional Identity and Vision.” The digital element of the learning line is comprised of a series of modules offered via a platform. These modules (compulsory for first and second year students) offer you the basis to learn about self-directed and continuous learning and provide the necessary knowledge and skills for personal development. Teacher coaching is considered as the face-to-face element of this learning approach.

In dedicated weeks (9 and 10 of each quartile), you will work on your portfolio, which includes reflections and evidence from the most relevant learning activities. In this portfolio, you describe your professional identity, vision as well as your overall competence of designing. You do this by describing past experiences, reflecting on present learning activities, and by planning future learning activities in the context of the competency framework.

The portfolio is assessed at three instances throughout the bachelor program.

  • As part of Design Project 1
  • Core design course: Professional Identity and Vision
  • As part of the Final Bachelor Examination