Student guidance

Don’t bottle up questions you have about your studies or how to study. Whether you need help for studying efficiently, have doubts about your choice of study program, have a fear of failure, or want help with your career planning: the TU/e is there to help you with good study and student counselling.

You can also ask about study grants, arrangements for exceptionally talented students (in your field or in sports) in combination with their studies, or to make requests for provisions if you have a functional impairment, such as dyslexia, autism or a chronic condition or illness. 

The Education and Student Affairs (ESA) offers individual coaching to students at the TU/e that is free of charge. The student advisors and student psychologists of ESA offer a short-term and solution-based approach.

For a visual representation of where to go with specific questions or issues, have a look at the referral charts in the download section.  

In case of emergency or if you have any questions, you can contact the service desk of ESA in the Metaforum building.

What kind of help do you need?

Academic advisor

Study related questions/problems, for example: curriculum, study progress, exam resits, specialisations or elective courses > make an appointment with the academic advisor of your own department

In addition to the academic advisor, in your department you will receive support and guidance from different people in different roles. Check your program's student guidance page to see which individuals have which role and what you can contact them for.

Do you need more specialized help? Then make an appointment with one of the staff members listed below.

Student counselor

Information about (extra) facilities, for example about studying with special needs, extra examination time or (re-)enrollment > make an appointment with one of the student counselors of ESA

Study management advisor

Study related questions/problems concerning for example: concentration/motivation, day- and night ritm, planning & organising > make an appointment with one of the Study Manangement Advisors

Study choice advisor

Questions or problems regarding study choice, for example switching to a different study program or choosing a master program > make an appointment with a study choice advisor

Student psychologist

Personal problems, like: anxiety, gloominess, stress, relational problems or mourning > make an appointment with a student psychologists

Confidential counsellor

Do you have problems or a conflict with another student or a employee > you can contact a confidential counsellor

Confidential Contact Persons (peer listeners)

Have you experienced something unpleasant? Is there something bothering you? Or are you not feeling like your best self? Contact one of our confidential contact persons (peer listeners). These students are here to listen and help redirect you to the available support > contact one of the confidential contact persons

TU/e Career Academy coach

Career related questions and guidance, for example on the job application process or choosing a suiting career-path > you can make an appointment with a coach of the TU/e Career Academy

Confidentiality of data

Eindhoven University of Technology respects the privacy of students, employees and other persons whose personal data it processes. In the document ‘Student data confidentiality Information for students’ you can read how student counselors deal with personal information. More information on how the TU/e handles personal data can be found at: