Graduate School

Post-Bachelor education at Eindhoven University of Technology is provided by the TU/e Graduate School: 15 graduate programs each focused on a specific field of research. A graduate program consists of one or more master's programs with the possibility to continue with a EngD or PhD program in the same field.

Master's programs
Eindhoven University of Technology offers 22 master's programs and 7 special master's tracks. The difference between programs and special tracks is in their formal status. The relatively new special tracks have not yet been recognized by the government as independent programs. If you graduate in one of these special master's tracks, you will receive the diploma of the corresponding recognized master's program.

Designer's programs
If you are considering a career in industry or business after you graduate, then it is worth knowing that you can get an excellent preparation for it at the 4TU.Stan Ackermans Institute. You will follow a two-year program as an EngD trainee.

If you decide to study for a doctorate, this title will give you a sound basis for a scientific career. A doctoral study lasts four years. Doctoral candidates are employed by TU/e.