TU/e Enable

TU/enable is aimed at students with a refugee background who are currently waiting for their status or have recently received their status. Do you have an academic background and are you seeking to actively maintain and develop your current knowledge and skills in preparation for a smooth integration in the Dutch education- and labour market? TU/enable offers newcomers in the province of Noord-Brabant a chance to participate in a selection of regular undergraduate courses for free, providing you with your first experience with a Dutch university. Upon completion of the course a certificate of completion can be obtained.

What is required for me to participate in one of the courses on offer?

In order for you to participate in one of the courses on offer you are required to understand and speak (academic) English. Participants are expected to have a level of education which is equivalent to at least the Dutch ‘vwo-diploma’ (secondary school) or to have prior academic experience.

How do I apply for one of the courses on offer?

Simply send an e-mail to TUenable@gmail.com, stating the course you would like to register for and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are not sure which course fits you best, you can also send an e-mail asking for more information or an exploratory meeting.

How much time will each course take me?

Each course is taught over a time period of eight weeks of lectures and assignments, after which an exam is conducted in the two weeks after that. Each course is expected to cost you approximately 140 hours throughout those 8-10 weeks, consisting of lectures, time spend on assignments and preparation time for the exam.

Which courses are on offer?

In the table below you can find TU/Eindhoven courses that are open for refugee students. All offered courses are regular undergraduate courses of the Industrial Engineering faculty of which the lecturers have agreed to open their courses to students with a refugee background. More information on the offered courses can be found in the brochure through this link.

Quartile 1

4 September 2017 – 11 November 2017

Course code

Course name

Responsible lecturer


Work & Organizational Psychology

Dr. P.P.F.M. van de Calseyde


Calculus variant A

Dr. ir. E.E.M. van Berkum


Calculus variant B

Dr. ir. E.E.M. van Berkum


Decisions under Risk and Uncertainty

Dr. P.J. Nickel


Introduction to Financial and Management Accounting

Dr. M. Slikker

Quartile 2

13 November 2017 – 3 February 2018

Course code

Course name

Responsible lecturer


Introduction to Technology Entrepreneurship

Dr. T.J.G. Peeters


Organization, Strategy & Innovation

Dr. T.J.G. Peeters