Aanmelden Vakken en Tentamens Graduate School

Enrollment Courses and Examinations Graduate School

During the Graduate School you are able to compose a large part of your curriculum yourself. A mentor will help you with this process. You must submit all your study components, including graduation, to your department student administration before you start your graduation project, for approval of the Examination Committee.

Registration for courses

Starting from quartile 3 this year the Graduate School will ask you to enroll in time for your courses, this is mainly due to planning issues in the past. This 'preferred' registration deadline of a course is 15 days before the start of classes (you can find the exact dates here).

Some faculty already have a strict registration deadline, due to project work or practicum. If you are too late for registration, you can always contact the student administration of the providing faculty and ask if late enrollment is still possible.

Register Osiris

Registration for examinations

Registration for examinations through Osiris is mandatory. Enrollment deadlines can be found here. You can withdraw through Osiris no later than 5 working days before a centrally organized examination is to take place. If you withdraw within five working days before the examination this shall count as a failed examination. 

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