1 september 2018: Deadline aanmelding Fonds International Experience 2018/2019 Q2

De deadline voor aanmelding voor Fonds International Experience (en daaraan gekoppeld Holland Scholarship) voor studenten die aanvangen met hun exchange of stage tussen 1 oktober 2018 en 31 december 2018 (kwartiel 2 van academisch jaar 2018/2019) is 1 september 2018. Zorg dat je aanmelding op tijd ontvangen is door ESA/io, ook wanneer je stage of exchange nog niet volledig geregeld is.

Silicon Valley Dutch Internship Platform

The Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco is proud to present the Silicon Valley Dutch Internship Platform.

This program is designed to help students at Dutch Universities land their dream internship in Silicon Valley. Companies profit from candidates from one of the best talent pools in the world, while the student’s career will jump start by gaining experience and a network in Silicon Valley.

Finding the perfect internship in Silicon Valley while you’re in the Netherlands is not easy. Barriers to finding available options and connecting with the right people are high. US companies expect two recommendation letters with each application, for example, which is not a custom in the Netherlands. And - once you actually land that internship - you’ll still have work through a pile of paperwork to actually get into the US.

That’s where our platform comes in. We offer an overview of available internships, information on the process and organizations that can help you at the various steps on your way and we can introduce qualified candidates to companies. The goal: to smoothen your road to Silicon Valley.

We are currently looking for the brightest minds in tech that are:

  • searching for an internship with a start date in September 2017 or later

  • currently maintaining an >7.5 GPA

  • (or have been) involved in relevant extracurricular activities

Learn more on our website and join our platform via LinkedIn!