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week 2


Start your project

Discover your team’s talents and pitfalls, strengths and blindspots. Based on these characteristics, you will find out how to

approach your project in the best way!

week 2


 Here, you will learn how to make a rigid project planning. You will discover your stakeholders and understand how to interact with them. Lastly, you will gain knowledge about your energy management!

week 3


Ideation & Visualization
 In this workshop, we will take you on a guided brainstorm! Via a process that we established, you will brainstorm for new ideas in your project!

week 4


Technical skills & Prototyping
 Our two technical experts provide a workshop where it’s all about converting your idea to a physical prototype. You will learn the steps to make something tangible!

week 7


Dare to fail
 Doing a pitch or presentation is always exciting, that is why we provide a workshops to work on your pitching skills! In this workshops it’s even important that you fail a couple of times!



Business Model Canvas

Monday 11 November

During this interactive workshop, you will get familiar with the Business Model Canvas. Defining the setup and success formula of your business will give you the opportunity to get startup rolling!

Stakeholder Value Network

Monday 18 November
17.30 - 19.00

Creating impact is about creating the most value. During this workshop you will discover which stakeholders are connected to your project as well as how tocreate the most value for all of them.

Monday 25 November
17.30 - 19.00

Have a great idea? Want to know if it is financially possible? Join us in this workshop and discover the financial model behind your business. We’ll also learn you where to get money from.

Investor Readiness

Monday 2 December
17.30 - 19.00

Want to know what investors are looking for? Get tips and tricks to seduce even the thoughest investors!


Monday 9 December 17.30 - 19.00

Doing a pitch or presentation is always exciting, that is why we provide a workshop to work on your pitching skills!


TU/e innovation Space organizes tailored workshops in which you can actively develop your personal as well as professional skills right when you need it. These workshops are tailored to all the courses that are running in that quartile in innovation Space. Topics are very broad: you will learn how to pitch, how to start and manage your project, how to work in a team, basics in finance, storytelling, etc.). This enhances you and your fellow students’ learning process and helps to better perform while doing your project.
The innoApproach workshops are planned in the 9th and 10th hour. Since this is also a dinner time, we provide some (free) food with/after the workshops as well!
Since the workshops are tailored to the courses, the subjects of the workshops are different every quartile. When you join a course or project in innovation space you are automatically informed about these workshops. Are you just interested in joining an innoApproach workshop? Check the planning in the download part of this page.