SFC24 - Dealing with Stress

For whom?

Are you feeling stressed out and struggling with all of the new challenges that come with living and studying in a new country? Are you putting off studying until the last minute and getting overwhelmed by the demands that come from having to perform and do well on exams? Do you find it hard to turn assignments in on time because you worry about it not being good enough? Do you ever get the feeling that you’re somehow not “getting” it, like some of the native Dutch students are? Then the workshop Dealing with Stress might be for you!

This workshop is meant for international students struggling to manage their stress levels, which have a negative impact on their studying.

What's it all about?

This workshop will focus on gaining insight on the stressors that are specific to international students. You will also gain insight on the contributing factors that are causing your stress. You will learn and practice new skills in dealing with stress. Lastly, you will learn to identify unhelpful thinking styles and practice ways to challenge these unhelpful thinking styles towards a more balanced, functional and realistic way of thinking


Over the course of 4 meetings, you will become more aware of your main stress sources and the effects that they have on you. This information will be used to put together a first-aid kit for yourself to use during stressful times. It’s important to stress the fact that while you may be given a first-aid kit, it will be up to you to put it to use when you need it.  You will therefore be expected to practice putting the tools to use outside of the course. After all, the only way to change unhelpful thinking and behavior patterns is to get out there and practice!

Group size is small, between 5 – 8 students


The course will be given during the 2nd quarter and the 3rd quarter.

You can enroll online by asking for a Personal Appointment with the student psychologist. In the appointment details, please state which course you’d like to follow (for example: intake for SFC24 Dealing with Stress).

The appointment will be used to determine whether or not the course meets your needs. > Make a Personal Appointment online