Take virtual courses at European partners in 2nd semester 2022/2023

2 november 2022

The 4th edition of the EuroTeQ Course Catalogue is now open for registration! 

The 4th edition of the EuroTeQ Course Catalogue is now open for registration! A new set of technological, language/culture and entrepreneurial courses is available at our European partner universities between January and August 2023. Deadline for registration is 24 November. Be sure to check out the complete offer here: www.euroteq.eu/courses.

In this 4th edition, we offer two different online course formats. Some courses will run online at a specific time, while other courses are not time-specific, so you can follow them at your own preferred time. Besides these two online formats, we also offer blended courses (mostly online, but presence on campus required in a certain period), and hybrid (home students participate on campus, and exchange students online). You will find this information in the course catalogue: www.euroteq.eu/courses.

Webinar for students 17 November
In this webinar for students, we will explain to you how the Course Catalogue works, what the offer looks like, and where you can find more information about signing up. Students who joined a course through the Course Catalogue in previous semesters will also share their experiences with you. There will also be plenty of time to answer any questions you might still have, both from the organizers of the Course Catalogue, and from the students who shared their experiences. Sign up for the webinar here.