PhD programs

If you have obtained a Master degree you can decide to do a PhD, which means you  choose to get more deeply involved in research and you are at the beginning of a scientific career. The TU/e Graduate School offers you an extensive range of PhD programs across all departments of the university.

Increase the depth of your research topic

Over a period of four years you develop the capability to carry out independent research. Under the supervision of a professor, you work on a topic that fascinates you and into which you carry out further research. That means you need plenty of curiosity and motivation to increase the depth of your research topic.

Doing a PhD at Eindhoven

There are different options for doing a PhD at Eindhoven. Most PhD candidates will be hired by Eindhoven University of Technology.  In that case,  you have to apply for an announced and specific PhD position. If you are accepted, you will have the status of a TU/e employee during the four years doing your PhD. That means you will receive a salary and have excellent secondary conditions of employment.

However, if you have obtained a scholarship - for instance from your national government or some independent foundation - you may opt to apply for a PhD program at TU/e. First step is then to find a professor that is willing to advise you on your project.

More information

If you are considering a PhD track at TU/e, please find more PhD information on
Current PhD candidates at TU/e can access more PhD information on our intranet.