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Do you like challenges? Is delivering excellent results what you aim for? Would you like to do scientific research or solve societal problems? Would you like to make a giant leap forward in your professional as well as personal development? Do you love working under pressure, with the strictest of deadlines? Would you like to build a professional network? Or is entering a prestigious Master abroad your ultimate dream? Then joining the TU/e Honors Academy might be just the thing for you.

The TU/e Honors Academy offers a varied choice of excellence tracks for Bachelor students, and from September 2015, honors programs for Master students. The overall goal is to prepare you for personal leadership as well as scientific, societal and/or industrial leadership in a society that is affected exponentially by changes and developments.

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Honors Academy Biomimicry hackathon

Can you hack new energy challenges with Biomimicry and contribute to more sustainability?

When? Friday 28 September 2018, from 8h30 – 19h00
(sign up before 21 September!)
Where? Igluu Building, Lichttoren 32, Eindhoven

Do you know that while we humans often try to come up with new, innovative ideas, nature has millennia of evolutionary research to learn from? Do you know that it’s called biomimicry? More and more people realize we have to take a closer look to the nature to find groundbreaking solutions for the problems we face today. Biomimicry means diving into the 3.8 million years of research and development from nature, where you always find solutions that bring a smile on your face.

Due to these ground-breaking developments, Honors Academy decided to organize this Biomimicry Hackathon. During the hackathon you learn to apply Biomimicry design thinking on complex challenges. Biomimicry expert and top architect Lydia Fraaije will take the lead, together with innovation broker Serena Scholte from Spinwaves.

We are convinced that this hackathon is one of the most interesting events of the year for you as honors academy student. So, make sure that you sign in for this event and we will see you at the 28th!

Did you know that:

- biomimicry is worldwide becoming one of the most promising methods of solving climate and sustainable issues?

- hackathons are also upcoming, because they unlock a totally new, creative mindset, to find groundbreaking solutions.

Combining these two facts, applied on real life challenges Shell is dealing with, gives you the opportunity to learn the essentials of Biomimicry design thinking skills: scoping, discovering and creating. In multi-disciplinary teams you work together on ground breaking new solutions.

Shell selected five urgent energy challenges for you. It is a unique opportunity for you and your team to learn the biomimicry design thinking skills and work on sustainable solutions in one day. We promise you that you will succeed! We encourage creativity and (team-)work by finding your solution. Take a look at the pitches and make your choice!

At the end of the day, the results are presented to a committed jury:

Saskia van de Muizenberg, Founder Biomimicry NL

Onno van Kessel, Vice President Shell

Rick de Lange, Innovation Space,
Department Mechanical Engineering Eindhoven University of Technology

Of course there is a winning team and an award:

  1. Biomimicry Workshop in Burgers Zoo for the whole team. During the workshop you make a deep dive into nature, explore the most elaborate Biomimicry solutions and have a wonderful time in Burgers Zoo
  2. A meet and greet with Marjan van Loon, CEO from Shell. With your team you get the chance to pitch your solution.  

In short: What’s in it for you?

- to get the opportunity to work on leading and topical issues: sustainable energy and biomimicry; and how nature can contribute to solving energy challenges

- to learn all about biomimicry or deepen your knowledge on the topic

- to cooperate, work and have fun with other innovative students

- to win a fantastic award: an innovative workshop on applying biomimicry in different fields of expertise at Burger’s Zoo, with renowned biomimicry experts and a meet and greet with Shells CEO Marjan van Loon

Also important:

  • it is free to participate AND food and drinks are included for the whole day
  • for each challenge, a maximum of 20 participants are allowed, so sign up soon!
  • you do not need to prepare anything! You will be trained on biomimicry on the spot by a biomimicry expert and supported by a professional innovation broker!

Who can participate in the Shell Sustainability Hackathon?
All Honor students of the Honors Academy at the TU/e. Students who finalized their Bachelor Honors last academic year (in June 2018) can also participate.

Your background (study) is not important and you do not need to have knowledge on biomimicry. You will be trained on biomimicry on the spot by a biomimicry expert and supported by a professional innovation broker.

What challenges can you hack?
Read about the five challenges here: https://canvas.tue.nl/courses/8981 (accessible to TU/e students only), and watch the accompanying videos. Decide your personal top 3 of challenges (number 1 being the challenge that has your highest interest) and subscribe on the Canvas website (under ‘people’).

If you want to participate in the hackathon, sign up before 21 September 2018: https://canvas.tue.nl/courses/8981

Note that if you sign up for the hackathon, you are expected to participate. A no-show will not be appreciated and will be noted in your file.

This event lasts 1 full day, including kick-off with the client and final presentation to the jury.

Igluu building, Lichttoren 32, Eindhoven.

Further information
If you have any questions or require further information, you can contact the Honors Academy at: honorsacademy@tue.nl 

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