SFC30 - Come into ACTion

For whom?

The course is open for all students who experience psychological issues, such as stress,, anxiety or (mild) depression issues, and who are already aware of their ‘thinking errors’ and/or have already tried to put things in perspective. If these strategies don’t work, maybe "Come into ACTion" could offer another approach to deal with your issues.

What's it all about?

Negative thoughts and feelings are part of life. It is a myth to think that you should be happy all the time and only have wonderful experiences in life. Life is experiencing both the good and the bad. Using the principles of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) this course offers you tools to accept and endure the difficult things life can throw at you. We do this by doing a lot of practical exercises that could help you to be able to allow thoughts & feelings (both negative and positive) to exist instead of pushing them away. This way you create acceptance, which funny enough can help you to let things go. We also practice to endure discomfort which will help you to build up more resilience to negative thoughts, emotions and situations. This can open the way to take the necessary steps to commit yourself to the things that really matter to you in life: stop avoiding everything you are scared of and start doing the things that you always longed to do, but were afraid of doing. Not by trying to get rid of all negativity, but despite of negative thoughts & feelings.

At the end of the course we hope that you have made a plan regarding the actions you have decided to undertake to live the life you want, according to your personal values. If you think that this sounds as a good alternative to your old ways – e.g. let your life and actions be determined by fear, stress, loneliness  or feeling down & depressed, then please sign up!


Short summary of the course:

  • Letting go of control and strategies that don’t work
  • Accepting that you don’t control what you think & feel
  • Creating distance between yourself and your cognitions (thoughts, feelings, experiences)
  • Mindfulness; allowing things to be thought or felt.
  • Practicing discomfort to strengthen your resilience
  • Self-compassion; changing your internal self-talk
  • Understanding your personal values; how do you want to live your life?
  • Making decisions regarding to which actions you are willing to commit yourself.

Practical Information

  • You can sign up by making an appointment for a Quick Referral
  • The course consists of 6 weekly sessions
  • Please make sure that you are able to attend all sessions, especially the 1st meeting, because of the fact that group dynamics play an important role in this course. A session is not a lecture that you can easily catch up with.