Professional & Personal Development

Professional & Personal Development

Our society is rapidly changing, while science and technology develop with giant steps. The 21th century has become an era of knowledge. The amount of knowledge is immense and keeps increasing. Therefore it is evident that the TU/e prepares you for this dynamic world in a solid way.

Our competences in professional and personal development (P&PD) are essential requirements that society and industry expect from you as a future engineer. These skills will prepare you to work in changing environments where communication and working together in multidisciplinary teams are skills of paramount importance to master among others.

In order to manage large-scale projects it is essential to develop soft skills to lead teams that can work together in multidisciplinary schemes, with engineers across all disciplines, plan milestones and organize resources, and manage projects. In addition, the ability to work and communicate with experts from other areas is essential. This involves the ability to write technical, academic and scientific documents and explain and present the research and project findings both to company’s clients but also to research institutions and customer services staff.

In addition, crucial to make an outstanding step in technological developments is the ability to search information and conduct research along with the capacity to reflect upon results, facts and findings in order to iteratively make improvements on prototypes and products.

To obtain these goals, we embed the following competences in different courses in both majors EE and AT:

  • Communication (written, oral and visual)
  • Collaboration
  • Planning and organizing

Assessment of the P&PD competences

The assessment part of the different competences in years 1 and 2, is being done by formative feedback from teachers, tutors and/or coaches. We believe that the student is fully responsible in obtaining the competences on a certain level by reflecting on the formative feedback. In the end, all P&PD competences will be assessed and graded during the Bachelor End Project (BEP).