Bachelor's Final Project

Bachelor's Final Project

You finish your Bachelor's program with the Bachelor's Final Project (BEP). The BEP is scheduled over two consecutive quarters. Optimally, you start your BEP in Q3 of your 3rd year. However, with explicit permission from your academic advisor, you can also start your BEP in Q1.

Starting criteria

You may start your BEP if you have obtained at least 120 credits, including 

  • all of the compulsory study components of the 1st year of the Bachelor’s program 
  • and two elective study components (courses). 

Register in OSIRIS

Each BEP is 10 credits, this corresponds with 280 hours of work. You may choose to extend your BEP with 5 credits, an additional 140 hours. Register for the BEP EE (10 credits, 5XEC0) and, if applicable, for the BEP extension (5 credits, 5XED0) in OSIRIS. 

If you choose the BEP extension, then this part must be described separately in the project description and in the final paper. 

Please note, you must register for 5XEC0 and, if applicable, 5XED0, even if you do an ISBEP.