Elective courses and packages

In the Bachelor College you have plenty of opportunities to put your own study program together, based on your personal interests and ambitions. You may choose to specialize by studying a field in more depth, or to build up a wider profile by combining several fields. Another option would be to take on the challenge of an honors program or pursue a second-level teaching qualification for secondary education. You will arrange your own study program by choosing a USE learning trajectory (15 ECTS) that suits you and 45 ECTS of elective courses.*

 You can opt for coherent elective packages or separate elective courses. In principle, any course in the Bachelor College can be chosen as an elective, including major courses from other programs.  You may also follow more than one USE learning trajectory. This option will be regarded as a coherent elective package of 15 ECTS. The course catalog – https://mytue.tue.nl – contains the range of courses that will be offered this academic year.

In your choice, however, you will need to take into account the necessary prior knowledge required for the course and the time slot of the course. Moreover, it is not allowed to choose an elective that has overlap in content with a major course or two overlapping electives. The course catalog, the PlanApp and this website can provide useful guidance. Discuss your choices with your study coach, who can help you make an appropriate choice. In addition, an annual Check your Match event is organized, where you can explore your electives and USE learning trajectories.

* This is different for the combined majors:

- Applied Mathematics - Computer Science and Engineering: 10 ECTS electives & 15 ECTS USE learning trajectory
- Applied Mathematics - Software Science: 10 ECTS electives & 15 ECTS USE learning trajectory
- Web Science - Software Science 20 ECTS electives & 15 ECTS USE learning trajectory
- Applied Mathematics - Applied Physics: 10 ECTS electives & 15 ECTS USE learning trajectory

Tip:Use the two elective courses in the first year to obtain an orientation to your interests and the manner in which you would like to arrange the elective courses in the second and third years. Most coherent elective packages are spread over the second and third year. For some elective packages, we advise you to start by taking courses in the first year that will allow you to complete the study program within three years.

Tip:If you would like to take an MSc program after your Bachelor College, consult the national transfer matrix. If your major does not provide direct admission to a specific Master’s program, it could be useful to include the required homologation courses (i.e. courses that improve the connection between Bachelor’s and Master’s programs) in your electives. Always consult with the academic advisor for the relevant Master's program to learn whether supplementary courses will be necessary.


Electives (Osiris)