NOTE: following the restructuring of the Bachelor program, not all electives are available to be taken anymore! Check Osiris for the electives you are planning to take to see if they are still taught. Contact the Academic Adivsors in case you have any questions.


In the TU/e Bachelor College, you get to put together your own study program, based on your personal interests and ambitions. Study your field in more depth, build up a wider knowledge-base by combining several fields, take on the challenge of an honors program or pursue a teaching qualification. You will tailor your program by choosing an interesting USE learning trajectory (15 ECTS) and 45 ECTS worth of electives.

Exceptions: specific combined majors

  • Applied Mathematics & Computer Science and Engineering: 10 ECTS of electives & 15 ECTS USE
  • Applied Mathematics & Applied Physics: 10 ECTS of electives & 15 ECTS USE

Packages or single courses

You can choose any course in the Bachelor College as elective, including courses that belong to another major, either as a coherent elective package or as separate elective courses. You may also follow more than one USE learning trajectory, which will count as a 15 ECTS elective package. View all available courses in the Osiris course catalog.

Your selection needs to take into account timeslots and prerequisites. The course catalog, the Osiris PlanApp and this website can provide useful guidance. Make sure to also discuss your choices with your student mentor and/or academic advisor and explore our electives and USE packages at the annual Check your Match event.

Tip: Use the two elective courses in the first year to discover your interests and wishes for the second and third years. Most electives in the coherent packages are second- and third-year courses. If you want to take multiple elective packages, choose your first-year electives in a way that allows you to graduate within three years.

Tip: If you would like to enroll in a master’s degree program after you graduate from the Bachelor College, consult the TU/e Graduate School website and the national transfer matrix. If your major does not provide direct admission to your desired master’s degree program, try to include the required connecting courses in your electives. Always consult with your master’s degree program academic advisor to learn whether supplementary courses are necessary.

Unauthorized electives

The coherent electives packages and study components (and the level) from which students may choose, and the USE learning trajectories for the optional parts of the program.

It is not allowed to include various study components in the program of examinations due to overlap in contents. Check the Program and Examination Regulations overlap table, and the Osiris course catalogue for overlaps.

Please see the Program and Examination Regulations, but also check with the Examination Committee to make sure your electives are allowed.


Please note that for a number of major courses and electives, there are certain prerequisites which must be followed before being able to take the course - see the PER for a full list of prerequisites.

More information

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