Workspaces TU/e

As a student you are able to book meeting rooms via Book My Space & Conferences. It concerns the reservation of rooms, study places and workplaces made available across the whole campus, both in advance and on the dot. This can be done without the intervention of a secretary or receptionist, for instance, and without various procedures, methodologies or systems which may now still differ per building. It is possible to reserve a room as a whole, or to reserve the (flexible) study places/workplaces in that room individually. The ultimate start and end time of a reservation is simultaneous with the opening hours of the building concerned.

At TU/e, you can book a study place on yourself via Book My Space & Conferences.

Workspaces on TiU

How can I reserve an individual study place or group work place?

Want to be sure of a study place ? It is possible to reserve an individual workplace on campus. It is also possible if you want to reserve a space for several people, for example if you want to work in a group, plan a meeting or organize an event.

Book a study place on TiU via Study place reservation.