Rules & Regulations

The department has different sets of rules with which students and staff must comply. In this section you find more information on the Applied Mathematics educational regulations and procedures. The rules and regulations of the study programs (PER) and Examination Committee (ER) can be found here, as well as the regulations regarding the Binding Study Recommendation (BSR/BSA).

The PER and ER of the current and previous academic year can be found and downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Visit this page for TU/e regulations and procedures, including the Student Statute, an FAQ and a general summary of the Program and Examination Regulations.

Program and Examination Regulations (PER)

The PER (OER) is the foundational document for both students and teaching staff. The PER contains clear and adequate information about the program.

Subjects covered by the PER include:​

  • Program content and associated examinations and the number, order and times of other examinations​.
  • The type of examination (oral, written or other types of examination)​.
  • How long examination results will be valid​.
  • The right of inspection and evaluation​.
  • ​And more.

After the revision of the Bachelor college in 2023, there are 2 PER versions depending on when students started their studies. Make sure to consult the correct document!

Regulations of the Examination Committee (ER)

The Higher Education and Research Act (Wet op het hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek) draws a distinction between program and examination regulations on one hand and examination committee rules and guidelines on the other hand. Subjects regulated by the TU/e Examination Committee Rules and Guidelines (Examination Regulations) include:​

  • how the Examination Committee is formed​,
  • Examination Committee procedures​,
  • Examination Committee tasks​,
  • rules relating to quality assurance of testing and exams​,
  • rules relating to measures taken in the event of fraud by examinees​,
  • rules and guidelines relating to testing and exams​,
  • compensation regulations​, and
  • graduation regulations​.

The AEB-AEM has agreed on amending article 3.1 of the Regulations of the Examination Committee. Changes have been made in connection with ChatGPT. All MCS Examination Committees have approved this amended, to be valid from Marth 1, 2023.

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