Additional activities

Additional learning activities both within and outside the curriculum  can contribute to the overall competence of design. These learning activities can be a (mandatory) part of projects, such as Professional or practical skills workshops, which offer an opportunity to deepen knowledge and skills; an Honors program; a Double Degree program or certain Extra-curricular activities that may serve to demonstrate excellence.

Strive for excellence

As we strive to be the best Industrial Design department in the world, we also challenge you to strive for excellence. Excellence can be demonstrated in various ways, but it is mostly about leaving a highly positive impression. You can demonstrate excellence through a steep curve in your development, by delivering an impressive design or prototype, perfectly combining various activities that contribute to your development as a designer such as setting up a successful start-up (relating to one of your designs) or running a successful crowd-sourcing campaign for one of your ideas contributes to excellence. Students might also demonstrate excellence by participating in a double degree program. Excellent students can also participate in the TU/e Honors Academy. For excellence to be evident, it is important that your work is recognized externally. This is one of the admission requirements to apply for cum laude, which is awarded to the top 5% of our graduates.