Professional Skills

Engineers are not just technical specialists, but have a prominent role as decision makers and consultants. To better prepare students for their professional career, students have to be aware of the professional context in which they operate and its actors. This does not only require disciplinary knowledge, but also a set of professional skills, namely:

As part of the course "Professional Identity and Vision'", we offer various activities for first year bachelor students to support your professional skills development:

  • DJC07 Dealing with Scientific Information
  • DJC08 Collaboration Skills
  • DJC01 Planning and Setting Goals
  • DJC05 Pitching your Project

(Please check the Osiris Course Catalogue for more information on these trainings:

In the first year of the bachelor, you have to show that you are able to incorporated the above-mentioned activities within your project and/or show a sufficient level of understanding of the professional skills.