Board scholarship

This procedure is only valid for students with a fulltime board membershiof study- and student associations.

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Assessment DPB389 (5 ECTS)

Halfway during the board year, you need to organize a peer review among the board members, and a formative feedback and presentation session with the Program Director. The peer review’s topics are professional skills and these will also be used as assessment criteria.

At the end of the board year, you will be assessed by two assessors; the Program Director and a member of the Examination Committee. The assessment deliverables are the Board’s Annual Report, an individual reflection (two to three pages) and an individual Q&A based on the reflection (15 minutes).

Individual Reflection:

Identify three items in the Rubrics (see “Board student rubrics” on the Forms and Files page) for which you can provide concrete evidence for performance at a good/excellent level. Write a reflection in which you make a clear definition of the problem or challenge you encountered, the approach (activities) undertaken to come to a solution or decision, an analysis of the effectiveness of the chosen approach and CONCRETE suggestions for how similar problems can be approached next time.

For additional evidence you can refer to the Boards Annual Report, or additional appendices.