Student guidance

Student mentors

Every first-year student will receive guidance from a student mentor appointed by the department during the first year of his/her Bachelor’s program. The student mentor is a second year or third year (or further) student of the BSc Program SI or PT. He/she will help your with all your practical issues that may arise when you start studying at the university (f.e. registration of courses, online sources, redirection: where to find what or who and how) but he/she can also explain you about effective study skills (f.e. how to plan, how to study big books, how to prepare for exams). You will meet your student mentor in a group meeting or individually almost every week, especially in the first semester of your first year.

Teacher coaches

A teacher coach can help students make decisions regarding their elective courses and packages. Courses and packages can be matched with a student's personal interests. The teacher coach will help students to reflect on what the prospects of certain courses are and to help keep the overall package coherent. The final responsibility of these decisions rests with the students, but the coach is there to help them.

The aim of the coaching model is to facilitate the student in developing a professional identity as an engineer. The focus is on the support and coaching of the student to make the right choices and to reflect on choices made to reach his/her personal targets.
Students and coaches who need more detailed information regarding the specializations are invited to consult the following teacher coach: Johanna Höffken.