Informatie voor non-EU studenten

Important information for non-EU students doing an internship outside of the Netherlands

The following information is applicable to students:

  • Who follow a Bachelor’s or Master’s program at TU/e and
  • Who have a non-EU nationality
  • Who want to go abroad for an internship
  • Who have a Dutch residence permit for studies

Please take the following into account:

  1. You can stay outside of the Netherlands for an internship for a maximum period of 8 months, while retaining your Dutch residence permit for studies.
  2. Because you will be temporarily staying outside of the Netherlands, you will need to inform the municipality/city hall regarding the period you will be staying outside of the Netherlands.
  3. Make sure to arrange a correspondence address with the municipality to avoid de-registration. A de-registration from the municipality automatically generates a revocation procedure for the IND (Dutch immigration service). By registering a correspondence address, you will prevent your residence permit from being wrongfully revoked.
  4. For an internship outside the Netherlands, the rules of the country concerned apply and may be different from the procedures in the Netherlands. Therefore, please check with the company or institution you will be doing your internship if you need to apply for a work permit or other legal documents. TU/e cannot help you applying for the required documents, you have to arrange this with the host company or institution.
  5. If you have an AON insurance, inform Johanna Mavromichalis ( She will contact AON for you.

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