Internships in the Valley Program

Are you looking for industry experience in the US?
Internships in the Valley guides Master's/PhD students and recent graduates (within one year) to find a paid internship at companies across the US. With personalized guidance, webinars, courses, and a community of like-minded students, we'll guide you every step of the way. Plus, we make the visa process easy, so you can focus on making that dream internship a reality.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Internships don't have to be part of your studies
  • You choose the location, start date, and duration that work best for you
  • All fields of study and nationalities are eligible to apply
  • We are always open for applications: every two months a new batch of accepted candidates gets onboarded to the program

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Important update on the TU/e International Experience program for academic year 2022/20223 (July/August 2022 – July 2023)

Based on current developments, the current Corona policy of the Netherlands, the possibility of travelling to many countries TU/e has partnerships with for exchange worldwide and the further relaxation of Corona measurements in many countries since the beginning of this year, TU/e will allow all forms of physical mobility again under the following conditions:

  • Outgoing mobilities of all types (courses, internships, and thesis research projects) during AY 2022-2023 is allowed to green, yellow and in some cases to “Covid” Orange countries (temporary exception (1), conditions apply). This goes for countries within and outside Europe.
  • Incoming exchange during AY 2022-2023 is allowed except from countries for which a travel ban applies.
  • In all cases travelling to code red countries is not allowed.
  • In all cases TU/e respects and follows the guidelines from RIVM and the general travel advice issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BZ) regarding the area (country) concerned. The other important source to determine if physical mobility outside Europe is possible, as well as incoming exchange students can come to TU/e, is the EU safe list. This list will be used as reference by internationalization coordinators at the department.

This advice and the aforementioned conditions also apply to study trips organized by TU/e study associations.

(1) “Temporary exception: Students may be permitted by exception to do an internship, thesis, or exchange programme (courses) in a code orange area, but only if the colour code is orange due to Corona and if all conditions mentioned in the ‘Exception procedure travelling to code orange countries (Corona)’ have been met. See information in the column on the right of this page.

Exception procedure travelling to code Orange countries (during Corona pandemic) AY 22-23

International Experience Policy AY 22-23
This policy states that a student will not be given permission to travel abroad if their destination is designated as high-risk by the Dutch government (in other words: ‘code red’ or ‘code orange’ according to the Dutch travel advisories). In such cases, the International Experience Policy AY 22-23 states that the student is required to cancel or postpone their stay abroad. In addition to the current policy, it has been decided that in certain situations students can request for an exception to the current exchange policy and can get permission to travel to a code orange country for an internship/ graduation project.

Exception request procedure 
In order to receive permission for an exception you must submit an exception request. Considering the specific circumstances and risks and the presence of possible preventive measures or lack thereof, the TU/e Advisory Committee will make a binding decision. Please check the document ‘Exception procedure travelling to code Orange countries (during pandemic) for the guidelines and details. You can ask your internationalization coordinator at the department of your studies to receive the requesting form (as Word file) to ask for an exception. An example of this form can be found in the document in the column on the right of this webpage.

Wekelijks spreekuur vervalt

Vanwege de coronamaatregelen is er momenteel geen wekelijks spreekuur van Going Abroad. Neem met dringende vragen contact op met het International Office van jouw faculteit. Ook kun je altijd een (online) afspraak inplannen met Petri van de Vorst