Software science stream

Software science stream

Students who started their studies of CSE prior to September 2021 follow the previous curriculum. The information below relates to the previous curriculum; if you are started your studies of CSE in September 2021 or later, this information is not applicable. Some courses may no longer be offered, or are offered under a different course code or name – if you cannot register for a course that is part of your program, consult the Academic Advisors.  

Innovative software systems are the driving force behind many exciting developments in society, industry, and science. However, designing software systems that function correctly, efficiently and securely, is far from easy. The CSE stream Software Science focuses on the formal techniques and technology you need for this. You learn model-driven engineering techniques to increase the quality of computer programs. As a graduate of the stream Software Science, you

  • have in-depth knowledge of techniques needed to model and design efficient and reliable software,
  • understand the strengths and weaknesses of these techniques and can apply them in the appropriate situation, taking limitations of cost, time, and other resources into account,
  • can analyze existing software systems and understand the fundamental issues involved in software maintenance.

Stream mentors:

dr. Anton Wijs (

dr. Loek Cleophas (

dr. Arthur van Goethem (

Prior to the beginning of the academic year you should register for 2IMC96.