Student Guidance

As a graduate program we aim to offer you education that helps you develop into a Computer Science Engineer able to contribute to solutions for future challenges. In many cases these will be complex, multidisciplinary and will require innovative thinking. They may also include moral or ethical dilemmas and require thinking on the impact on society of solutions designed. The CSE program is designed to not only provide you with the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in your chosen field but also more general Project Skills and Academic Skills. In general the development of these skills is embedded in your courses.  

Supporting you in your journey through are master program and the choices you will be making preparing for your future career are: 

  • Student mentors: that can help you find your way in Eindhoven and @TU/e if you have not studied with us before 
  • Academic Advisors: That can help you find answers or solutions for a wide range of questions from program (re)planning, rules & regulations, study strategies and extra curricular add ons to your program to personal issues.   
  • Mentors: Research staff members that can support you in your choices regarding program composition and choice of graduation topics/directions. 
  • The Study and Career Orientation Program (SCOP/e): that will support you by providing information on various research areas and offering career activities and workshops. 
  • The TUE career center: that can offer you workshops and services to support your career choices and development. 

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