An internship may be chosen as part of your Master Program. The internship is optional and not a required part of your program. The study load of an internship totals 15 credits. An internship can be carried out in academia or in industry, in the Netherlands or abroad. The objective of an internship is to gain experience in your future work field. Please note that this experience can also be gained during your graduation project.

An internship is supervised by an academic staff member at TU/e, called an internship supervisor. This ensures that the internship meets academic criteria. We strongly advise that you contact a supervisor at TU/e before you contact a company. Please note that you need permission for your internship before you start, as the internship needs to fit in your study program and contribute to the learning objectives of the Master. You can ask for permission by turning in the internship plan form (see bullet points below).

A set of rules and regulations applies to doing an internship. You will find these below. For students who started the program in academic year 2021, or follow the 2021 curriculum, new regulations on the internship and graduation project are expected to be approved January 2022. These new rules are listed in italics below. Once the new regulations are approved, this webpage will be updated to reflect this. But we kindly ask all students who started the program in academic year 2021, or later, to take these into account when planning their program.

Rules and regulations

  • The Internship can be done externally (at a company or other university) or internally (at TU/e)
  • The study load is 15 credits, corresponding to ca 420 hours of study
  • The Internship should fit in the study program and it should contribute to the learning outcomes of the Master’s degree program
  • Approval for an internship is asked in advance via both
    • the 'Internship plan'  form. (see “forms” tab).
    • a request stating what is to be accomplished in the internship and why it contributes to your study program (turned in with the Internship plan form).
  • For all DSiE students, and for IST and CSE students who are following the curriculum of Academic Year 2020 or earlier, the Internship fits under the “free electives” part of the study program. For IST and CSE students following the curriculum of 2021 or later, the internship falls under “specialization electives.”
  • Internship and graduation phase must be on clearly distinct topics.

Additional rules for students who started their program in 2021 or later

  • Internship and graduation cannot both be done in industry or in the same research group at TU/e.
    • So if you do an internship with an external company, your graduation project needs to be done at the TU/e.
    • If you do your internship with a research group within TU/e, your graduation project needs to be done in externally (in a company) or within a different research group.

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