The Examination Committee EE only processes individual requests for exemptions. The request must have a detailed motivation, proof of having attained the study component, the subject description, the study materials, the test made, an official grade list, and advice from the teacher who is responsible for the subject for which exemption is being requested. The above shall be considered in the decision making, in which previous decisions shall be taken into account. 

Exemptions are only granted if the student can provide persuasive evidence from which it is clear he/she meets the learning objectives of the study component in question. The advice of the teacher is taken into consideration.  

The following limitations apply for the Master program:  

  • Exemptions are not possible for:  
    • core courses (another core course must be chosen). 
    • specialization path courses and other certification courses (if the relevant teacher agrees with the fact that the student already possesses the knowledge and skills, a free elective must be chosen instead). 
    • free electives (another elective course must be chosen.   
  • Exempted courses cannot be listed as elective.  
  • The graduation project cannot be exempted.