Quality Assurance and your role in it

The quality of education offered within the Department IE&IS is continuously monitored. The purpose of the quality assurance process is to monitor and improve education. One of the main sources of input for educational improvement at the TU/e are the course evaluations. These course evaluations are conducted among students after each quartile. The results are then reflected upon by the teachers and discussed with the program management. Jointly, possible measures for improvement are identified and implemented. In addition to these course evaluations, there are also first-year, curriculum and alumni evaluations conducted to monitor the satisfaction of students and alumni about the quality of education. 

Course evaluations
For each course, surveys are conducted, which provide input on the development of the TU/e policy at course level and the quality of the course. These surveys are used on the one hand by the Board of Education to intervene if the objectives regarding the quality of education will not be met. On the other hand, compliments are distributed to course responsibles if positive results follow from the evaluations. The results of all course evaluations are gathered on one SharePoint page, which is accessible for students via this link: Results of course evaluations.

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