FE Things Ecology Lab

The FE Things Ecology Lab allows research into human movement and interaction with large displays and sound. This could be for larger visualization projects, but also in experimenting with responsive audio-visual environments. The studio has the dimensions of a large classroom and can be completely darkened due to its location in the basement of the Laplace building.

The room is equipped with two cameras, an HD video camera and a professional Firewire camera, as well as an HD projector for realizing a video processing chain operating at 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. The studio has a projection screen of more than 12 square meters at one side on a small stage, and a mobile white screen of comparable size is available that can be used to bring the developments of the FE Things Ecology Lab to external venues such as conferences and exhibitions. There are movable panels to facilitate changes in the room and its acoustic properties.

For mixed media development, a 7.1 surround sound system is provided and each of the eight audio channels can be controlled separately via the computer, allowing for, e.g., sonification of users’ movements. Finally, the studio is equipped with a Mackie mixing console, and various other smaller electronic instruments.

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Location: Atlas 9.306