Graduation project

The graduation project is a research project on a topic related to Systems and Control. It is supervised by a TU/e thesis supervisor who is a (assistant/associate/full) professor from the allocated section of the student. The graduation project offers you the opportunity to apply your acquired knowledge, competences, and skills to a research project. The type and content of the graduation project depends on your background and ambitions. The graduation project can be carried out within the TU/e, within a company, at another university or research institute in the Netherland or abroad, as long as this is agreed upon by you and your TU/e thesis supervisor. A graduation project may be preceded by lab training on equipment safety and emergency protocol.

The Graduation Project is a 45 EC project (1260 hrs; 7.5 months fulltime) and is the culmination of the master’s program. This project is supervised by a thesis supervisor who is a (assistant/associate/full) professor from the allocated section of a student. The thesis supervisor is not necessarily the same person as the mentor.

You can find all information about the graduation project in the ‘Study guide Graduation Project S&C’ (this document can be found under downloads). We advise you to read through the entire study guide before you start your graduation project so that you are well informed about the whole process and know what to do and pay attention to.

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